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Flannelgraph is a storytelling method that makes use of a board coated with flannel material, normally resting on an easel. It can be similar to Fuzzy felt, Despite the fact that its Key use is to be a storytelling medium, instead of as being a toy

Audio Visible products are manufactured, dispersed and used as prepared parts of educational applications.  It can help the whole process of Understanding that is definitely drive, classification and stimulation.

·         It presents the appearance of genuine factors which can not be brought to the class place

A.v. aids are multisensory elements which encourage and promote the individual. It makes dynamic learning experience more concrete sensible and clarity. It provides significant gains in wondering and reasoning.

In crafting or deciding on a puppet play, the age, qualifications and preferences of the students need to be taken in to thing to consider. A short puppet Participate in is always preferable.

                      A group of real factors for tutorial use refers to things.

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Also It's really a beneficial help for exhibiting factors of comparison, distinction, and contrasts amongst two or even more factors. When earning the table charts the following details needs to be saved in the mind.

 A map is actually a graphic aid symbolizing the proportionately as being a diagram, the floor with the earth, globe or sections there of. It conveys the information by lines, symbols, words and colors.

                    Objects and specimens needs to be mounted in shallow packing containers in an artistic way as well as the boxes needs to be covered with cellophane paper. Also label Every single object or specimen making use of self adhesive paper.

·         The messages may be brief, simple line drawing or images, cartoons plus the articles are going to be penned in couple lines at the back of the tsepass Each individual card.

two.      Cutaway and x-ray models: will be the replicas of the first things to indicate interior portions of a matter. Cross sectional versions are hard to make in the class area or institutions because they involve knowledge to construct them. Ex: cross sectional design of human physique.

Audio Visible materials must be witnessed in their romantic relationship to teaching in general and also to the training procedure in general, right up until the Trainer understands the relationship involving audio Visible material and educating Discovering method.

A chalkboard or blackboard is actually a reusable writing area on which text or drawings are made with chalk or other erasable markers.

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